The method and the sealing shape for electric arc furnaces (EAF) Improvement of environmental protection and industrial safety.

A lot of dust and noisome gases is released during steel making process in EAF. Generally, there are two basic questions

  • capturing of noisome gases

  • dedusting with high efficiency


Assuming the second issue is essentially solved, the capturing of gases and dust remains to be an open question. Overall efficiency of existing dedusting instalations highly depends on method of collecting gases which is used.


The invention of eng. Lenartowicz „ The method and the sealing shape for electric arc furnaces (EAF) „ (polish patent 185520 , polish patent 138193, polish patent 165379, polish patent 165152, polish patent 185520, application for european patent 91109184.1) provides highly efficient way to capture gases and dust realesed from EAF. The method uses existing dedusting instalation (1st level) and ensures low costs of devices and maintanance.

                                    The solution consist in forming closed space of positive gauge pressure, what causes gas and dust  can not  get out near electrodes and force them toward suction pipe. Relase of gas and dust is displaced then and   noise level is reduced of 4 dB.


Proposed method works in order to boost environmental protection, but not only. When the present method was applied in foundries and steel plants (EAF of 10, 20, 25, 40, 50, 70,and 140 tons), other important facts were occured :

  • durability of furnace roof (without cooling) from 100 to 150%

  • consumption of electrodes decreased of 0,40 kg/t of steel

  • consumption of energy decreased of 45 kWh/t of steel

  • duration of heat decreased of 15%

  • content of chemical elements of alloy in dust decreased of 15%



1. technical – right work of extraction system

2. technological – highly efficient work of EAF

3. economical

4. environmental protection

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